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Lip filler 1ml

45 minutes and over • £175

Lip filler or lip augmentation is the art of creating the perfect frame for the mouth. The main focus of your appointment will be determined by what you would like. A subtle enhancement, a more defined look or a bit more volume. Each one can be achieved through dermal fillers.

RoseGoldAesthetics Southampton Nasolabial-fold.jpg

Nasolabial line filler

30 minutes • £200

Nasolabial lines run from the corner of the nose down to the edge of the mouth. These can become deeper as some of the natural plumpness from the skin is lost with age. Filler is placed below the line, to restore volume and soften the appearance of line and wrinkles.


Marionette line filler

30 minutes • £200

Marionette lines are vertical lines from the corner of the lips down, towards the chin. It is possible to lift these corners with dermal filler by adding volume and anchoring the corners up

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